Pennsylvania Halts New Trinity Defective Guardrail Installations

There are many Trinity ET-Plus Guardrails all over Pennsylvania. Government authorities have halted installations of new Trinity Guardrails for now. There are reportedly around 9,500 locations where Trinity Guardrails are installed in Pennsylvania including Interstate 80 and Interstate 78. The officials in Pennsylvania are waiting until the results are released from additional Trinity Guardrail crash testing. The testing was scheduled to be wrapped up by the end of January. It is possible that once the testing is completed that Pennsylvania will remove this possibly dangerous guardrails. Nashville, TN has already began to remove Trinity Guardrails in the greater metro area. This comes after a whistle blower won a lawsuit against Trinity Industries for millions of dollars. He claimed that Trinity changed the design of the Guardrails as a cost cutting measure.

In Pennsylvania these defective guardrails are sporadic placement of the ends of the guardrails. The danger of these Trinity Guardrails is that when the design was changed it caused the guardrail to spear to car. There have already been Trinity Guardrail wrongful death lawsuits filed around the US. The Guardrails are supposed to cushion a car or truck that runs into the Guardrail. Due to this change in design these Guardrails actually impale the cars. Trinity reported save two dollars per unit when it made this design change.

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