Defective Guardrail News

Trinity Guardrail Documents Subpoenaed by the US Government

The Department of Justice has subpoenaed documents from Trinity Industries for it's criminal investigation into the relationship between Trinity Industries and Federal Highway Administration. There are reports that the DOJ is also speaking with witness and inquirying into possible illegal and criminal activity conducted by Trinity Industries. Read more about the Trinity Criminal Investigation.

Expert: Trinity Guardaril Crash Test Failed

In an affidavit filed on Feb. 5th, Engineering expert Brian Coon claims that the final Trinity Guardrail Crash Test failed. There could be a massive recall of Trinity Guardrails if in fact this final test failed and these guardrails are a danger to the general public. Read more about the Expert Testimony on Trinity Crash Test Fail.

Final Results for Trinity Guardrail Crash Test

The New York Times posted a story regarding Trinity Guardrail Final Crash test with data that it did not perform as expected. It appears this final test had significant damage to the car when tested. Dean Sicking told the New York Times in this story that the Trinity Guardrail "Clearly Failed" in this crash test. Read more about this possible Trinity Crash Test Fail.

There May Be Flaws in the Trinity Guardrail Testing Program

A whistle blower claims that the Trinity guardrails that are being tested in Texas are not the same design as the guardrails that are injuring and killing drivers around the country. Read more about the flaws in Trinity Guardrail Testing program.

More Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits Filed around the Country

Additional Trinity Guardrail lawsuits have been filed around the country regarding possible defective guardrails. There have been victims of accidents who have suffered serious injuries and in some cases crash related deaths. Read more about Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits.

South Florida Investigates Trinity Defective Guardrails

Florida's Department of Transportation conducted an inventory of all the possibly defective Trinity Guardrails are located in South Florida. Read more about Florida and Trinity Lawsuits.

Virginia Attorney General Files Defective Guardrail Lawsuit Against Trinity

Virginia Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Trinity Industries. Virginia is accepting bids to replace Trinity defective guardrails. There have been multiple individual lawsuits filed against Trinity for defective lawsuit. This new lawsuits is suing for civil penalties and recovery of costs. Read more about this Virginia Trinity Defective Guardrail Lawsuit.

Trinity Guardrail Testing Begins Today

Trinity Guardrail testing begins today in San Antonio. The controversial guardrails will be tested into Jan and no final details will be released until the testing is completed. Trinity changed it's mind and will allow 2 members of the media to attend this critical testing. No video will be allowed. Click to learn more about these important Trinity Crash Tests.

Pennsylvania Stops Install of New Trinity Guardrails

Government officials has halted the installation of new Trinity Guardrails until further testing can be completed. There have been Pennsylvania Guardrail lawsuits filed. Pennsylvania is waiting on additional testing to be completed prior to making any final decisions on the Trinity Guardrails. Click to learn more about Pennsylvania halting Trinity Guardrails.

Nashville Removes Trinity Guardrails After Reports of Serious Accidents

The Channel 4 I-Team in Nashville, TN conducted an investigation on the dangers of Trinity Industries defective guardrails. These guardrails have led to serious accidents in Nashville and includes a man who lost both of his legs in a crash. The country has decided to error on the side of caution and spend nearly $200,000 to remove the defective Trinity guardrails. Click to read about and watch video on this investigation about Nashville's Defective Guardrail Removal.

Trinity Guardrail Bans Media from Safety Crash Tests

Trinity Industries who is the manufacturer of the controversial ET-Plus guardrail end terminal stated they will not allow the media to view new safety crash tests of it's guardrails. Read more about Trinity's Ban on the Media from Crash Tests

Kentucky Man Loses Leg In Guardrail Accident

On Nov 14th a Kentucky man got into an accident and hit a guardrail. The guardrail impaled his car causing multiple injuries including the loss of his leg. Read more about this tragic Kentucky Guardrail Accident.

Indiana Not Banning Defective Guardrails

Indiana transportation officials have decided not ban Trinity guardrails despite lawsuits that claim the brand of guardrails are defective. These guardrail lawsuits claim that Trinity covered up a design change that causes undue risk of injury or death. Read more about Indiana Guardrail Lawsuits.

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