Trinity Guardrail Bans Media from Tests

Trinity Industries who is the manufacturer of the controversial ET-Plus guardrail end terminal stated they will not allow the media to view new safety crash tests of it's guardrails. While states around the US have ban the installation or use of Trinity Guardrails the Federal Highway Administration allowed Trinity to conduct new tests. The Trinity Guardrail safety crash tests will be conducted later this month in San Antonio, Texas. Trinity spokesman said that the "visual observation" does not conclude the outcome of the tests. There for it would "inappropriate" for the media to attend. Federal and State officials will be allowed to watch these new Trinity Crash Tests.

Trinity Bans Media from Safety TestsThese new Trinity Guardrail safety tests are required after a whistle blower lawsuit resulted a verdict that Trinity defrauded the government with these defective guardrails and resulted in $175 million dollars in damages. Many defective Trinity guardrail lawsuits have already been filed by victims injured by these Trinity guardrails. Some victims have suffered very serious injuries and in some cases death.

Trinity Guardrail Lawsuit

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