Trinity Begins Guardrail Safety Tests

Trinity Industries begins critical testing of it's ET-Plus Guardrails. These "re-tests" come after multiple Defective Guardrail lawsuits have been filed after injuries and accident related deaths. The Trinity Guardrail testing will take place start Dec 10th in San Antonio. Trinity previously stated that they will not make these guardrail crash tests viewable for the media. The Federal Highway Administration required Trinity to do these new crash tests after Trinity lost a whistleblower lawsuit and was found liable for fraud. Trinity changed the design of it's guardrails and failed to notify the government of that change.

Critics of the Trinity Crash Tests

There are already critics of these new Trinity Crash Tests. Officals are not requiring Trinity to follow updated standards from 2011 which better replicate actual accidents. There have been lawmakers who state that by not updating the standards, there won't be a true measurement as to the safety of these possible defective guardrails. U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal sent a letter to Trinity Industries asking for answers from Trinity on these defective lawsuits. When Trinity changed the design of it's ET-Plus Guardrail it caused the guardrail to jam and then act as a spear which can injure or kill the passangers. This new Trinity testing will be conducted and supervised by the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. The Trinity Crash tests begin today and four other series of tests will be completed in January. Trinity has stated that they will not release any results until all the Trinity Guardrail testing is completed.

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